John Hunter

John Hunter  |  Jul 22, 2024  |  0 comments
As Rapala VMC continues its strategic plan to bring decision making closer to local markets, the move means the loss of three of its global management team.
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A call to arms to anglers has been issued, urging them to demand climate-resilient fisheries to safeguard the future of our sport and the species we target.
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RoxStar Fishing, the creator of the Fly Striker, a bestselling inline fishing spinner on Amazon for two years straight, unveiled wholesale distribution to brick-and-mortar retailers for the first time at ICAST 2024.
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Swedish spinner manufacturer Myran, which has a 75-year history in the trade, is to be taken over by Danish outdoor company Nordic Fieldsport.
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Rod component manufacturing giant FUJI KOGYO has updated is global distribution strategy as it embraces the latest changes in the worldwide business environment.
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As the Quantum brand marks its 40th anniversary, it is redirecting its focus onto the saltwater market, expanding on its legacy of top-tier rods, reels and combos.
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Beer maker Carlsberg Sweden has teamed up with internationally renowned lure builder Claes ‘Svartzonker’ Claesson to highlight the risks of drunk fishing.
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Japanese manufacturer Zenaq continues to offer top-quality rods for keen sea anglers targeting big species from the shore, with more being added to its Muthos ranges.
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To encourage retailers to visit the Australian Fishing Trade Association’s tackle show next month (August), they are being offered $500 to spend during the event.
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In another strategic move to bolster its leadership position in the global sportfishing industry, Foundation Outdoor Group has announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Swedish Bait Mechanics (SBM), a leading northern Europe bait manufacturer.