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The winners of the EFTTEX 2022 Digital Best New Product Showcase across dozens of categories have finally been announced.
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Recreational fishing can contribute much to the sustainability of Europe’s habitats, fish stocks, coastal economy and individual health and wellbeing.
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Dates have been set and initial plans announced for the US fly tackle trade’s key event in 2023 – which has been named The Confluence.
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Treble hooks are essential elements of modern lure craft – yet each is made individually, typically by brazing a double hook to a single one, which can create issues and lead to hook failure. Disastrous when fishing!
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Building on its already successful rod releases for the avid and aspiring angler, Mustad has added to the offering for both fresh- and saltwater anglers. They are seeking awards in the EFTTEX Digital Best New Product Showcase 2022
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LIVETARGET is used to winning awards for its innovative and realistic lures – and two of its latest ones are in the running for the EFFTEX Digital New Product Showcase honours.
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The cost of a fishing licence in England and Wales looks set to rise in each of the next three years. The proposed charges have been announced by the Environment Agency and are set against the backdrop of consistently falling income in the last year, once more.
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Fairpoint Outdoors A/S, which owns the Westin and Kinetic fishing brands, has added no fewer than three key industry experts to its management team group.
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The fly fishing industry is being invited to get together next week in the USA to discuss ways to both sustain and grow the trade. TTW finds out more…
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Tackle firms have been coming up with innovative ways to help fellow companies and retailers devastated by Hurricane Ian across Florida and the southeast USA.