The next generation of Batsons

Batson Enterprises is the go-to supplier for custom rod builders and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Formed in 2000, the family-owned business is best known for distributing Rainshadow, ALPS and ForeCast fishing tackle in the US and worldwide. Visitors to ICAST 2021 got to meet the newest addition to the fold, Eden Batson. TTW caught up with her…

Batson Enterprises traces its history back to founder Bob Batson (deceased), who began building custom rods back in the 1970s.

His wife, Connie, and son, Bill, the CEO, both work at the company today and were recently joined by Bill’s youngest daughter, Eden.

Unlike many sons and daughters who join the family business straight from school, Eden cut her teeth in the performing arts and they remain a big part of her life. With the global pandemic last year affecting theatres, it wasn’t long before she joined her father and set to work on a string of projects, including varied duties in the marketing department and fronting the company’s “Blank Talk,” a weekly Facebook livestreaming event.

From the outset, she was determined to earn her stripes in her own right. Eden explained: “I didn’t want to come in and just be the boss’ daughter. I want to learn every aspect of the business – I can be found processing and shipping orders and answering phones. Specifically in the marketing department I have learned video editing and am responsible for most of the social media for the company. I will do anything asked of me, as a way to learn about the business. It’s been really exciting.”

Although she began working at Batson Enterprises last year, it was only at ICAST in Florida in July 2021 that she was formally introduced to the industry. “That was my first experience with meeting so many people in the industry. Plenty of them had stories to tell about my dad and my grandad, which was really cool to hear. What has impressed me most about working here is the level of relationships that have been built over the decades and how important those are to what we do. Sure, it’s a business, but it really just feels like one big family!”

Developing skills

Although Eden used to fish with her dad when she was younger, it was only while in Florida that she really began getting into the sport in a more serious way.

“I loved every minute of it,” she said. “While in Florida I went snook, bass and offshore fishing for several different species. I am really enjoying learning all essential fishing skills.”

The Batson Team was hosted by Frank Venable, The Gale Force Twins and Kevin Brotz of Get Bit Outdoors.

Eden also found that her background in performing arts helps tremendously, whether presenting Blank Talk or introducing herself to everyone at ICAST.

“It has definitely been a benefit. A huge part of the performing arts is about connecting with other people. This industry is all about people and building relationships with them. I’ve been given the opportunity to learn about the business and I am fortunate that I grew up with strong moral values, which are also key to what the company and its brands stand for. I’m really excited by what’s happening and where we go next!”