Flying Fisherman celebrates 40 years of clear vision

For four decades, Flying Fisherman Sunglasses have been synonymous with clarity, durability and innovation in fishing eyewear. As it prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary, we look at its journey from a small startup to a global brand and explore how it continues to shape the industry today.

After years of producing Flying Fisherman sport fishing programs for television, and using polarised camera lenses to capture the action, company founder and president Pat Sheldon saw a need for affordable, high-quality polarised sunglasses tailored specifically for fishing.

With this vision in mind, he launched Flying Fisherman Sunglasses in 1985, and the company began marketing its polarised sunglasses to local retailers in the Florida Keys.

At the time, a good pair of polarised sunglasses was a luxury item, out of reach for many anglers. Flying Fisherman changed that by offering sunglasses with premium features at an accessible price point, and sales grew quickly.

Innovation and excellence

From the outset, innovation and excellence were prioritised. The company dedicated itself to perfecting its lenses, experimenting with different materials and coatings to achieve optimal polarisation and clarity, while local fishing guides assisted with field testing.

This commitment earned Flying Fisherman a reputation for producing some of the best fishing sunglasses on the market at a great price.


Expanding the line

As the company grew, so did its product line. What began as a small selection of sunglasses expanded into a diverse range of styles and accessories to meet the needs of anglers worldwide.

Whether it be sleek, sporty frames for serious fishing or casual styles for everyday wear, Flying Fisherman had something for everyone, even kids. Sun-protective apparel was also added to the line.

Staying ahead of the curve

Today, Flying Fisherman is still family owned and remains committed to its core customer base, incorporating the latest advancements in lens technology and design into its products, ensuring that anglers have the best possible vision on the water.

A new range of Flying Fisherman Floaters Sunglasses debuted at last year’s ICAST, featuring TPX floating frame technology that’s lighter than water, allowing them to float.

Eco-friendly TPX is also highly durable, flexible, and heat resistant. Paired with Flying Fisherman AcuTint polarised lenses, they enhance contrast, eliminate glare and block 100 per cent of UVA and UBV rays.

Looking to the future

As Flying Fisherman celebrates its 40th anniversary, its focus remains clear: to provide anglers with the eyewear and accessories they need to pursue their passion of the outdoors with confidence and clarity.

With a legacy of innovation and excellence behind them, Flying Fisherman looks to the future with excitement, eager to continue shaping the world of fishing eyewear for the next generation of anglers.

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