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Soft plastic lures are the “go-to” of many anglers but the way they are produced changed forever when lure manufacturer LIVETARGET introduced its Injected Core Technology (ICT).
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ICAST Lunch & Learn has become a can’t-miss resource for staying on top of changing trends in the business of recreational fishing.
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The ‘Wild Salmon Without Borders’ event, part of this year’s 19th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing (EWF) fly fishing show in Germany successfully brought together key individuals and organisations from across Europe to motivate a renewed focus on international collaboration for wild Atlantic salmon restoration.
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Foundation Outdoor Group has continued its focus on European expansion with the appointment of Rafael Llaneras to lead its southern Europe sales and distribution initiatives.
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Long-time Rapala VMC Corporation board member and former chairman, president and CEO, Jorma Kasslin, has passed away, it has been announced.
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After 30 years of dedicated leadership, Jens Buhl Jorgensen, the co-founder and CEO of Fairpoint Outdoors A/S, is to hand over the reins to former Svendsen Sport CEO Hans Maasbøl in May.
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After 33 years, Bauer Media has ceased publication of its UK-based Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine, effective from May 2024.
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Prominent Danish tackle supplier Fairpoint Outdoors A/S has added its weight to the work of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA) by becoming a member.
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Following its acquisition of Svendsen-Sport in 2022, Pure Fishing has finally completed a series of changes to its sales team and operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH).
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Wiley X, a leading provider of high-performance eyewear, has revealed it will extend its Angling Spirit sponsorship in 2024 to include three prestigious angling tournaments – the World Carp Classic, the World Predator Classic and the Sea Angling Classic.