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Anglers have signed the largest petition in Australian fishing history in a bid to stop a dramatic shortening of the fishing season in Western Australia.
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Hungarian angler Peter Szebenyi has had the pleasure of testing and comparing two of Energofish’s Wizard spinning reels – the MXT and the Edge. Did they work their magic on him?
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Matt Cumber started Drift five years ago as (sea) bass fishing began to take off in the UK and he wanted an alternative to expensive imported gear. Today he is look for buyers around the world, as he explained to TTW…
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St Croix Rod has netted well-known industry media specialist Josh Lantz to take on the role of corporate communications director at the Wisconsin, USA-based manufacturer.
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After several years of cancellations forced by Covid-19, the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) is set to take place in Budapest from June 17th to 19th, 2023. One of the organisers, István Pál, explain why it’s important and how to get involved.
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Wynd Tackle might be a relatively new name on the fly scene but its Bynder boxes have been taking the industry by storm so TTW caught up with the brand’s Josh Kelly to find out more…
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The winners of the EFTTEX 2022 Digital Best New Product Showcase across dozens of categories have finally been announced.
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Recreational fishing can contribute much to the sustainability of Europe’s habitats, fish stocks, coastal economy and individual health and wellbeing.
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Dates have been set and initial plans announced for the US fly tackle trade’s key event in 2023 – which has been named The Confluence.
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Treble hooks are essential elements of modern lure craft – yet each is made individually, typically by brazing a double hook to a single one, which can create issues and lead to hook failure. Disastrous when fishing!