ROK offers firm foundation for carp tackle

In the competitive arena of carp fishing, a brand has emerged that carries the weight of decades of experience, dedication and passion: ROK.

The company is proud of its slogan “ROK Fishing Performance”, which demonstrates attention to detail at every stage of a product’s life.

The company’s in-house design office enables rapid interaction with field testers and the gradual refinement of products to perfection.

Tooling is machined in a factory-integrated workshop for greater responsiveness while a fleet of latest-generation machines enables rapid production of both large and small runs, allowing the brand to take risks and, for example, test new colour combinations for baits.

Efficient logistics mean that deliveries can be made anywhere in Europe at short notice. This exclusive integration of the entire product chain within a single company means that it can offer the best products to anglers, with year-round availability and no pressure for seasonal orders.

Efficient manufacturing in Europe has many advantages for retailers: virtually no stock-outs throughout the season, products with controlled quality and a rapid capacity for innovation.

ROK is also proud to also offer both competitive public prices and some of the most attractive margins in the sector, thanks to this direct relationship with a manufacturer.

Tried and tested

The brand has been successfully tested and developed on the French market over the last four years, starting with the most comprehensive and effective range of artificial baits.

Their effectiveness was put to the test during the 2023 World Championships, where they attracted the attention and trophies of top competitors.

Particular attention has been paid by the designers to seek out highly effective densities and contrasts, capitalising on years of experience in competition to offer all anglers effective baits to maximise catches.

Among the brand’s exclusives are Ultra Pop-up baits, made from a highly buoyant foamed material, and the Ultra Soft range, which is extremely soft to the touch.

Unlike most lures or baits on the market, ROK baits are made from food- or medical-grade elastomers, with no harmful substances. The baits are also designed to be optionally boosted with a range of flavoured dips.

Defining details

In addition to the artificial baits for which it is renowned, ROK pays particular attention to the details of every product it offers.

For example, ROK manufactures what is considered the best range of buckets on the market: they are an excellent example of the brand’s attention to detail.

Thanks to its manufacturing position, ROK has been able to design and manufacture thicker square buckets, with a flexible lid that’s pleasant to open and close, rather than offering a standard paint bucket with a pretty decoration.

ROK also makes a point of offering a wide choice for each of its products, to adapt to all fishing conditions and regional specifics.

Over 200 artificial bait variants are available, with colour combinations specially crafted to attract carp and densities adapted to all types of bottom.

The range of ready rigs is also a good example of the brand’s ability to provide a very wide range (fluorocarbon, braid, barbed or barbless, wide gap or curve shank and so on…)

It’s a perfect range with European-quality hooks and lines, offered at an affordable price with a retail price of less than €2 per rig.

The tackle range has also been particularly optimised. The lead clips feature an innovative design with self-locking of the brand’s swivels, illustrating the benefits of complete control of the product chain to offer customers optimum quality.

Many more products are in the pipeline for the coming months, each with the same attention to detail.

ROK is now ready for a full-scale European launch and is currently recruiting to expand its sales presence in most European countries. Pioneer retailers in each country will be welcomed with preferential conditions to help them get off to a good start.

ROK is also looking for new ambassadors to represent its brand.

Enquiries for distribution are welcome.

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