Tackle launches are a market challenger

US manufacturer Buffalo Tackle has released several products from Challenger Lures, Riversider and Sheffield, to reel in walleye, bass, salmon and steelhead anglers.

The Challenger Marabou Jigs are made with premium hand-tied marabou with flash. Equipped with a Mustad 2X strong hook and an epoxy coated head and thread, the Marabou jig comes in 3 sizes and 18 colours and are a great match for all game fish.

Challenger Ball Jigheads, meanwhile, are available in three sizes, five and 25 packs and come in metallic Nickle and Gold. They feature a Mustad 2X hook with a round head and no collar. These jigs are good for anglers trying their own feather or hair jigs.

Challenger Lures has also introduced a new colour featuring a silver orange back with white belly. It’s available in the two most popular sizes – Minnow and Junior Minnow – and joins the other 55-plus colour variations.

Riversider has expanded its already popular line of IM8 carbon handle rods with the 9ft Fly Rod in three weights: 7/8, 8/9 and 9/10. This 36-ton IM8 graphite blank, two-piece rod features aluminium oxide stripper guides with stainless steel snake guides and top. The strong carbon fibre handle with blank-through construction is said to be capable of landing prize-winning steelhead.

Sheffield has added a Foam Slip Float, available in six sizes, to its vast variety of premium floats. The durable EVA foam body has a Hi-Vis top with black body. The float features an integrated brass sleeve at the top and bottom and the package also includes Hi-Vis beads and stops.

Buffalo Tackle is part of Triple S Sporting Supplies and includes the Challenger Lures, Riversider, Sheffield and Three D brands, while Triple S Sporting Supplies is a wholesale tackle distributor servicing the Northeast and Great Lakes regions.