Savage Gear delivers future of fishing

More and more young people are embracing fishing in all its forms. Svendsen Sport has not only recognised that but is driving this change through its brands its understanding that this is not just a pastime, it is lifestyle people choose.

Fishing is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. How we determine this lifestyle is most often in the earliest stages of our life, when we are kids or teenagers.

What the team at Svendsen Sport has seen, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, has been an increase in anglers across all ages but one group seems to be dominating more and more.

There are many young anglers who spend every second of their free time with a rod in their hand – which is great news for our industry.

This tendency is seen across all of Svendsen Sport’s brands but especially when it comes to Savage Gear, which has had a strong attraction towards a younger crowd.

Look around the river and lake banks and you will undoubtedly see more and more kids and teenagers that are fishing with Savage Gear.

One group of anglers that has created a strong profile is the Harz-fishing group, which is their name on Instagram.

This group of young anglers is not only catching big fish but also doing a tremendous job of sharing their experiences on social media. This is a great inspiration to upcoming young anglers that can reflect themselves in others of a similar age.

Max from Harz Fishing explained: “We are a group consisting of three anglers who discovered their love for the hobby of fishing many years ago. We live our dream and fish a lot all over Europe and I think you can see how much fun it is for us. And that’s where I think a lot of young people get excited about what we do.”


A way of life

Savage Gear is now introducing a concept made for young anglers to invite them further into the fishing community and connect to the Savage Gear brand.

As a brand, Savage Gear appreciates all anglers… but it is not enough to say it, it sees a need to prove to them at it is serious about this.

Lately, it has been inviting more young anglers to become ambassadors for the brand, to give more a chance to become part of the brand’s amazing journey.

Savage Gear’s sweatshirt, T-shirt and jogger collection is the first step in inviting these anglers into its world by creating more experiences in nature so they can become part of what Svendsen Sport considers to be the greatest sport in the world.