Making dropper fly storage less of a ‘bynd‘

How do you store your dropper fly rigs safely and securely? Wynd Tackle’s innovative and award-winning Bynder box could well be the answer…​

The Bynder fly box from market newcomer Wynd Tackle solves a problem that’s existed for quite some time now – how do you store and secure dropper rigs in a safe and protective manner?

​The answer with these boxes lies in the modular centre rig card, which allows for easy ‘wynding’ and securing of flies that are rigged with tippet. Users can pre-rig multiple cards and easily interchange them in a few seconds. Now a fly angler has a box they can pack full of flies along with dry droppers and double nymph rigs that will be both protected and secured.

​Wynd Tackle’s Josh Kelly explained: “Any dedicated angler knows proper fly storage not only helps them manage their ever-increasing abundance of flies but also makes it much easier on the water to quickly find and select the proper fly needed to match the hatch.

“You can effortlessly swap out and store multiple fly rigs as fishing conditions change or you break off. Now you’re only one knot away from getting back in the water. Tangle-free is the way to be!”

Each box can store 176 flies and nine dropper rig set ups. It also latches open and closed and is super lightweight while it’s the perfect size for flay pockets in waistcoats and packs.

Success in Show​

At the recent IFTD Show in Salt Lake City, USA, awards were handed out for innovative fly tackle in a myriad of categories.

In the Best Fly Box/ Storage category, One product stood out above all others and it was easy to see why the Wynd Bynder took home the award for best product honour, thanks to its clever centre card for dropper rigs with flies and tippet still attached.