Game-changing catfish bait launched on market

Florida, USA-based Fishbites, part of Carr Specialty Baits, has released what it claims to be a game-changing catfish bait.

Said to be probably the only ‘stink-free’ catfish baits on the market today, these baits from Fishbites will bring in the big cats without leaving you smelling like catfish bait. It’s the scent that melts in the water, not on your hands, says the company.

Fishbite uses a concentrated formula that replicates the natural chemicals fish use to detect and track their prey. The baits gradually dissolve in the water, releasing a trail of powerful feeding stimulants.

When fish bite they hold on longer because the flavour and texture are similar to their natural prey, offering anglers more chances to set the hook.

Fishbites’ catfish baits come in a variety of colours and scents, including shrimp, crawfish, shad and liver. Each bag is resealable and weigh approximately 6oz.

“This new catfish bait is different from anything out there. From the biodegradable material to the flavour/scent technology that is packed into each bait, we are so excited to introduce this product to the world of catfish fishing,” explained Terry Dillinger, president and CEO of Carr Specialty Baits, Inc.

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