Fly tackle supplier puts spin on market

Danish fly tackle firm A Jensen is marking its 20th anniversary by expanding further into the spinning rod market.

Last year the company took its initial steps into the spinning sector with the introduction of its first Pandion-branded rods.
After serving the fly-fishing sector exclusively for 20 years, it is widening its portfolio as it seeks to appeal to a wider audience.

Following the success of its first model, the Hydros, it has now added two additional and higher-quality rods – the Axial and Feline – to the collection.

Built in the same factory as the firm’s top quality fly rods. At the same time, it has already finished work on more models for the 2023 season, where it will be entering the predator, ultra light and heavy spinning sectors with several new series.
Although it’s a new direction, the brand has assured its customers it will continue its focus on developing new flyfishing gear too.

As a result of this expansion, the company is now looking to recruit in Denmark, Germany and the UK.