Catch the adventure with NRS’ Slipstream craft

NRS Fishing’s mission is to provide the equipment, inspiration and expertise that empower adventure-seeking anglers on the water. Its latest raft series has been built to help them ‘Catch The Adventure’…

For decades, American firm NRS has delivered rugged, functional equipment and apparel purpose built for the human-powered pursuit of fish. Whether paddling a kayak, rowing a raft, or hiking into a remote lake or stream, NRS Fishing helps you escape the crowds, embrace the wild and seize every opportunity for adventure.

This year, employee-owned NRS has introduced a series of rafts under the Slipstream name.

Purpose-built for adventure anglers, these feature a streamlined design with deliberately placed D-rings, handles and valves to reduce weight and eliminate catch points.

High-pressure drop-stitch floors with EVA foam decking provide stable footing without the need for heavy (and costly) casting platforms, while rugged, welded PVC construction takes the worry out of running rocky rivers.

A sleek, redesigned NRS fishing frame reduces the number of parts required while delivering an outstanding rowing and fishing experience. The package even includes an anchor system and rod holders.


Slipstream 96

The Slipstream 96 lets you move light and fast for fishing adventures on small and hard-to-reach streams. It is designed to fit in a standard pickup bed or even on a roof rack to eliminate the need for a trailer.

Both lightweight and highly durable, you don’t need a ramp to put this boat in the water; two people can carry it short distances or slide it down the bank to the water.

With oversized tubes and a whitewater-capable design, this boat dances on the water when lightly loaded, making it perfect for low-volume and technical floats.


Slipstream 120

The 120 is the perfect fishing raft for adventure anglers launching stealth missions on hard-to-access stretches of water or just looking for a comfortable, worry-free mode for fishing their favourite day stretch.

Compact, lightweight and yet fully kitted out, it provides space for two anglers and a guide plus a small cooler, fly boxes, and other supplies for a perfect day on the water. This 12ft raft rides high in the water and features all the bells and whistles to help you stay on the fish and keep your lines in the water.


Slipstream 139

This fully featured fishing machine is made for adventure anglers looking to maximise opportunities on the water.

Built for two anglers and a rower, this 13ft 9in raft is whitewater-capable with the capacity to haul gear for overnight trips. It fishes like a drift boat without the worries in low water and tricky rapids.

The streamlined design and platform-free pocket floor make it refreshingly lightweight for a full-size oar raft while diminishing tubes in the bow and stern create more interior space for fishing, rowing and stowing gear.