When your line is a dream to use…

Every angler knows how important line is. Polish brand Mikado dreamed about creating a series of perfect lines, ones that will adapt to almost any fishing method. This dream came true and this is how the Dream Line family was born.

Dream Line is a series that meets the highest requirements and is as technologically advanced as possible. Many anglers all over Europe have already found out that these are reliable lines that stay permanently on the spools of their reels.

The Dream Line family is divided into braids and lines for various purposes.


The Dream Line braid is a technically advanced braided line made of eight microfibres with a dense structure. Its slippery coating, high durability and increased abrasion resistance are parameters that will be appreciated by the most demanding anglers.


This is a line for sophisticated fishing for species such as perch, trout, chub and ide. Its slippery coating, dense weave, carefully selected fibre and high durability make it one of the best propositions on the market.


The highest, most refined Mikado line. Its composition, characteristics and parameters have been developed in cooperation with excellent professionals and anglers competing in international competitions. This contributed to the creation of lines, the characteristics of which perfectly match the requirements of modern fishing.


Dream Line Spinning is the result of many years of tests carried out together with the best spin anglers in the world. Its high strength, low stretch and abrasion resistance are features that will surprise the most demanding anglers.


Designed to meet the requirements of modern feeder fishing. Thanks to the unique structure of nylon fibres, Mikado has produced a sinking line in the premium market segment, characterised by very high abrasion resistance.


A sinking premium class line, the parameters of which have been specially developed for method fishing. The hybrid construction of nylon layers allow it to combine both low stretch, high strength and lack of memory.


This is a transparent premium class line for universal use. Its main advantages are high durability, lack of memory and resistance to abrasion. Thanks to these features, it will successfully meet the requirements of modern fishing.


Dream Line Match will easily satisfy the most demanding enthusiasts of English match fishing. The line is characterised by a high sinking rate, abrasion resistance, lack of memory and remarkable durability.


A top-class line designed for carp fishing. Among its characteristics are very low stretch and great abrasion resistance, while retaining extraordinary softness and considerable weight, which makes it easier to sink the line, even during further removal.


Dream Line Ice fishing line has been developed taking into account the requirements and challenges of fishing in freezing temperatures. In such conditions, this line retains its above-average strength, abrasion resistance, softness and lack of memory.