VMC unveils new Kaptain in treble hooks

Hook expert VMC has spent years refining its trebles across continents to launch the latest range under the Kaptain name.

Designed for anglers who understand that their hooks need to be the very best to ensure more hook-ups, less hook pulls or straightened hooks, the Kaptain series is the result of working with some of the most famous tropical guides around the world in far-flung places including Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Panama and, of course, VMC’s own experts in France.

The Kaptain 3X patterns have been created for medium-sized predators in both fresh and saltwater in mind, while the Kaptain 6X is dedicated to the most powerful fish on the planet – giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, bluefin tuna and other lure destroyers.  

There are no less than seven different versions of the hooks, ensuring that everyone can find exactly what they require for any given situation – shorter shank, straighter point, curve point, different wires, different parameters of tempering and so on.

VMC brand manager Pierre Chapelle explained: “We wanted to develop something nice, something new, something efficient for all avid anglers.

From the first prototypes to this final version, we have developed seven versions. Each time I had negative feedback from a guide we would go back and study or adapt each parameter with the aim of to achieving just one target… to be the best in class.  

“To be honest, this is the first project at VMC that has kept me awake at night, thinking about endless possible improvements, why some things didn‘t work out first time and how to make each prototypes better. 

When will I know that we succeed in this hook development? When the guides don’t stop harassing me to have more hooks!”

VMC also started from scratch when it came to developing packaging for the Kaptain hooks – the packs have been made of 100 per cent recyclable cardboard material with a PET window.