Upstart catches more partners as it expands

Tackle trade newcomer Catch Fly Fishing Partners is growing rapidly and has added two more brands to its expanding portfolio.

The firm aims to offer quality fly-fishing and fly-tying equipment brands to selective fly shops around Europe and continues this approach with additional of Easy Shrimp Eyes and SMHAEN.

Mads Pedersen of Catch Fly Fishing Partners said: “I’m proud to welcome both SMHAEN and Easy Shrimp Eyes to our portfolio. High quality is what we aim for and with these two brands we will not be disappointed. As a fly tyer, both brands have been in my own hands and they represent great, usable products in impeccable quality.”

Steen Lykjær and Erik Petersen of Easy Shrimp Eyes explained: “In Easy Shrimp Eyes, we have invented Danish-produced quality products since 2012, We have revolutionised the world of fly tying and fly fishing with new thinking and more colourful options for fly tyers.
“Our product range is actually made for ourselves, as fly fishers, but we share it with the world, to optimise everyone's experience. We have our biggest project to date launching soon,and we are excited to show this to the fly-fishing community.
“To be a part of the product range in Catch Fly Fishing is absolutely amazing and makes us proud; they have the knowledge and the team to take us to the next level. Thanks guys!”

Meanwhile, Stig M Hansen, CEO of SMHAEN, is looking forward to the partnership and is very optimistic.

He said: “Our vision is clear – to provide quality fly-tying tools. Tools designed with style and functions. Tools made for your passion.

“Selling our products through an experienced team like Catch Fly Fishing is just a privilege. It is an honour to be in their product range.”

Things are happening really fast at Catch Fly Fishing Partners and more announcements are expected soon. To find out more, contact Hanna or Mads.

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