Semperfli lands at new home as it expands

UK fly tying materials manufacturer Semperfli has moved to great new premises to help accommodate its fast-growing business. 

Demand for Semperfli materials is so high globally that the Yorkshire-based company had no choice but to seriously expand its premises and was fortunate to be able to find the ideal place locally.

The team spent a great deal of time and investment remodelling it to be perfect for its operation, with specialist departments created for the dye laboratories, stores, factory, final assembly, warehouse and, of course, offices for the sales team, Directors and admin team.

Semperfli director Ann Kitchener said: “This is one fantastic space, specifically created and dedicated to making the very best tying materials, without question.

“Anything that Semperfli does always has a very strong infrastructure beneath it, so rest assured that the IT systems, security and facilities in the building are second to none.

“The most up-to-date equipment, gigabit networks, fibre optic internet connections and technologies throughout the operation have been installed and it is something to behold. The latest technologies have been used throughout so information is available at the touch of a button.

“The same goes for the R&D department, product development and manufacturing and partner resources – there is always vast technical supporting everything.”

It is fair to say that the Semperfli team are loving the new space and it is already making a massive difference.  The increased space means they can service their worldwide clients even better and faster.

Semperfli is very proud to fly two flags outside the building – the instantly recognisable Semperfli flag and the Queen’s Award flag for its recent prestigious award.

Ann concluded: “It’s no surprise that a company that provides such high quality tying materials would have a quality operation to make that happen!”