Mikado sets the scene for 2022 with launches

Now, more than ever, retailers are important to suppliers, which is why– as soon as restrictions allowed – Polish brand Mikado gathered together some of its key dealers to give them hands-on experience of its product range for 2022.


Mikado is a strong, international brand with a well-established market position and has spent many years expanding across Europe.

Naturally, it has been harder in the past 18 months to meet its dealers face to face but in September the company invited some of its customers to its 2022 product launch in Poland.

Dealers were able to see the launch items – including the latest Sky Dream rods, Progressive rods and reels and Jaws offset hooks – at dedicated stands with experts on hand to explain more about the products and the design ideas behind them.

There were also Carp Range reels, Noctis stalker and floater rods and the Enclave Two-Man Bivvy for the specimen hunter plus seatboxes, feeder and match-style rods and poles for competition anglers, not to mention the Progressive family of spinning rods and, of course, its Real Fish lures.


Forging ahead

Now Abramis, the company behind Mikado, says the time is right to continue its growth, development and expansion.

Its first foray into the foreign market began with distribution to Russia, where Mikado products quickly became popular and a must-have stock for many angling retailers.

Another step was a journey to the west of Europe, shortly followed by expansion to the whole continent. Today, Mikado products can be purchased virtually anywhere from the Middle East to the Nordics.

Since 2019 the company has a direct distribution channel in nine European countries that, along with its homeland of Poland, constitutes a strong domestic market, covering the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Finland and


Its sales process is coordinated directly from its Polish headquarters, with the key driving forces being a great price to high quality ratio for its products, meticulous organisating, lightning fast logistics and instant availability – things which have been so hard to achieve for many manufacturers during the pandemic.

Mikado has also, very rapidly, become the most popular spinning brand in countries such as Finland or Estonia.

Angling techniques and methods used in various parts of the world can vary significantly so, using feedback provided by its testers, each season it creates products dedicated to particular markets, carefully adjusted to the needs of the anglers.


A passion for angling

Founded in 1989, Mikado is a brand set up through passion for angling.

Since the very beginning, dealing initially with importing and later on with manufacturing and distribution of an angling equipment, it has played a key role in the shaping of the Polish angling market.

The key value for the continuous development of the Mikado brand is its close and constant relationship with its customers. Along with the experience and skills of its employees, that relationship allows it to create tackle that exceeds the expectations of modern anglers.

This ethos is brought to life by a strong product management team that through cooperation with engineers from the world’s top brands such as Fuji, Sea Guide or Toray. They help design ever more innovative angling equipment that is based on the most advanced modern technologies.

The entire production and logistic process is supervised by its Chinese branch while another important link in that chain is its group of testers from all over the world that make up the Mikado Fishing


Its hundreds of hours spent by the water that provide the brand with the indispensable feedback about all the crucial design tweaks needed to ensure the most ergonomic designs and provide top-quality gear to its customers.

All of that is topped off with a truly engaged sales team of both mobile and on-site representatives.

All the people that create the Mikado family are connected by one, common denominator – a boundless passion for angling.

It is thanks to this passion that Mikado boasts over 14,000 products on its shelves on a regular basis, covering most angling techniques and allowing millions of happy customers around the world to enjoy the sport.

Meanwhile, a modern B2B ordering system and professionally organised warehouse caters for 24-hour shipments and low lead times. Indeed Mikado ships more than 4,500,000 products to its partners each year.

A Mikado spokesman at the 2022 product launch said: “We can say with a full confidence that, in the coming years, our brand will not stop growing – quite the contrary. We are ready to conquer the whole of Europe in order to deliver equipment designed for the

anglers by the anglers, to a wider group of people. Our brand does not follow new trends – Mikado creates them!”