Mikado’s spin tackle just got more progressive

The Progressive Spin series of rods from Polish brand Mikado is a family created for angling for predatory fish in all sorts and sizes of rivers. It can, though, be easily applied also during angling trips to any stagnant waters.

The Progressive Spin rods are offered in a number of model options…

Progressive 10 – Unusually light and sensitive rods with a hollow tip, a fast action and a progressive deflection, that provides steady hauling and a full control over the fish. They will work amazingly well for chub, trout and ide angling with small lures, tiny wobblers and spoons.

Progressive 16 – A family of rods with a hollow tip, created for light angling for predatory fish. The application of a hi-modulus carbon provides perfect sensitivity along with a deep action when landing fish. Armed with Fuji guides.

Progressive 21 – This is Mikado’s solution for chub angling, when larger wobblers are in use, but also for asp with some lighter baits. The progressive action guarantees landing of spectacular fish with smaller baits, while a delicate, hollow and highly sensitive tip facilitates casting with smaller lures.  

Progressive 28 – These rods are said to have amazing casting capabilities, that will work really well in tough conditions, for asp and pike angling. The progressive action and lots of spare power in the butt allow you to land large predators. A perfect choice for large rivers.

Progressive 35 – Durable spinning rods designed for special tasks. These rods stand out with their fast action and progression that is evident under an increased drag. The blank of the rod is flawlessly balanced and does not strain your hand during a full-day-long walk with a rod. It is a tool that will cope even with an unexpected catfish.

Within the Progressive Spin family there are blanks with lengths starting from 230cm up to 305cm, with casting weights from 2-10 g, 3-16g, 4-21g, 5-28g and 6-35g. Transport lengths of these rods are ranging between 118cm and 156cm. All the blanks are two-piece-rods.

Reel appeal

The Progressive series is also accompanied by a very strong reels selection, that perfectly complements the rods from that series. It is a range of modern reels with a smooth action and a great drag with carbon washers. Its flawlessly matched elements and screwed-in crank that connects directly to the gear increase the durability of the construction and guarantee reliability in tough conditions.

The Progressive reels are available in five sizes – from 1009 FD to 5009 FD. Their gear ratio is equal to 5.2:1, with 8+1 bearings.

The drag force of models 1009 FD and 2009 FD is equal to 4kg, while the 3009 FD and 4009 FD versions deliver a drag of 8kg. The strongest variant, 5009 FD, has a 10kg drag. Mass of these reels vary between 175g and 310g in weight.

The Progressive Spin, fitted with a reel from the series of the same name, make a perfect set up that will deliver plenty of great experiences to any angler, during any trip for river predators.