Kamatsu jig heads keep lure anglers in control

In Europe, jig heads are probably one of the most frequently used methods of setting artificial lures. This market has grown tremendously, offering anglers very sophisticated shapes and forms, allowing them to catch practically every fish species. Fortunately, the Kamatsu brand has everything covered, as Konger’s Lukasz Koziol explains...

In order to control this seemingly intractable situation and help anglers, Kamatsu has prepared a wide range of different types and assortments of jig heads.

You will find models allowing you to rig the smallest imitations of fry as well as products which will give swimbaits and other large rubbers the right balance.

The key features that characterise its jig heads are, in particular, Japanese calibrated wire, ensuring repeatability of elements, unwavering quality of sharpness, high standard of production supervision and quality control, and general ethics accompanying every stage of their creation. Several decades of experience is hard to argue with.

At present, Kamatsu is very active in the European market, however its products can also be found in quite exotic locations around the world, through Africa to South American countries.

As a result, it offers the widest possible range of models to cope with the various fish in many countries, both in terms of their size and the types of fisheries you may encounter.

Looking for a massive pike rubber? The Big Jig models are recommended.

A 12cm Twister? The X-Press jig head series, of course.

Perch trinkets? The Micro jig head will be irreplaceable.

The right choice

But jig heads are widely available from different manufacturers, so why should I choose this particular company? Well, it is the unbeatable relation of quality, technology, materials and price. These are, without doubt some of the best made and sharpest hooks I have ever had to deal with.

The attention to detail is evident in every type but there are a few that have earned themselves a special place in my tackle box.

The X-Press series is my personal favourite. It can be said to be an uncompromising look at functionality. The strengthened but still relatively thin hook, forged, profiled blade and well-matched lure hook lengths make me reach for this series very often. It doesn’t dull easily, has a great grip and I can use it with anything from 4 to 17cm, the sizes I use most often.

But sometimes it is good to add a bit of ‘sparkle’ to your fishing. In this case the 3D Holo Eye jig heads have unwavering supremacy. The combination of a 3D holographic eye with a high-quality head is not as common as anglers would like it to be. Here we have them ready to use, straight out of the package. Two variants of eye colour is another feature that can make a difference – and not just for anglers.

To discuss each series in detail, we would simply run out of space, so we will treat the following models even more briefly.

In the portfolio are models with tungsten weights, built on offset hooks, as well as Cheburashka jigs (aka swing jigs), which are extremely popular due to their effectiveness.

I should also mention a series of classic models, with flanges, equipped with a wire bait hook or painted in bright colours.