Germans top European Predatortour event

German anglers Jörg Pfannschmidt and Dennis Buhle have been crowned European champions in this year’s Predatortour event, fished in The Netherlands.

The European lure fishing competition, which is open to anglers of all abilities, is now in its 15th year and sees fishermen target pike, perch and zander in The Netherlands’ lake and river systems comprising Haringvliet, Hollandsdiep, Amer and Merwede, famed for trophy sized fish.

The event attracts anglers from a wide range of countries to test their predator-fishing skills and techniques; it is known for its competitiveness, strict rules and the promotion of sustainable fishing practices.

Teams consist of two anglers who work together to catch as many and the largest fish as possible within the set time limits., with the target being the largest three pike, zander and perch,

There are strict rules regarding the types of fish that can be caught, the minimum sizes, and how the fish must be measured and documented. Catch and release is strongly encouraged to protect fish populations.

Teams earn points based on the length of the fish caught. The total score is calculated by adding the lengths of the largest fish of each species. It is all monitored by a specially designed web app.

With significant cash prizes and other valuable rewards to be won, it is always a popular event, with participants gaining recognition and even sponsorships through their performance in the competition.

The Predatortour also receives extensive media coverage, with live streaming of the competition, updates on social media and extensive coverage in fishing magazines, websites and on Dutch national television.