Fly-fishing launch aims to change the game

Backed by some of the most experienced professionals in the business, Catch Fly Fishing Partners has been launched as a European fly-fishing distributor to challenge the status quo.

Aiming to build a company based on core values and creating the right conditions for its partners to succeed, the Danish-based newcomer has been set up by industry experts Hanna Bossow Vestergaard and Mads Pedersen.

They explained: “When this branch of this company was formed, one thing was very clear to the owner group; we want to make a difference, and to do that, we need to be more than just a company – we have to emphasise the very core of fly fishing, share knowledge and passion, so that the fly fishermen out there can relate and identify with the company – and then we have to give that little bit more.”

Furthermore, the values that Catch Fly Fishing Partners hold at its core are recruitment, conservation and access, as it is these values that are essential for fly fishing and the industry itself.
The company name reflects its philosophy of the company – to be a solid partner for dealers and suppliers alike.

Hanna said: “Making a start-up business has been in my mind for some time. With my previous experience, I have a firm idea about how I want it to look and how to be at service for our partners.

“When I got the offer to partner up with a group of fly fisher men with the same ideology, I could not refuse. When making a completely new company from scratch is seems easier to form it in the direction we want.

“Going into new partnerships has been an exciting part of our short journey. It will be built with passion, determination and respect for ourselves and our business partners. I believe strongly in our set up and the skills represented within.”

Her partner, Mads Pedersen, added: “Sometimes, ambitions, values and goals align and everything falls into place. This is exactly how I feel about our new team and our collective approach to the fly-fishing industry.

“I am confident that we can provide both large and small brands in the fly-fishing world with the best conditions for success throughout Europe.

“Historically, many successful wholesale businesses have been based in the Nordic region, and with our location in Denmark, we are strategically positioned. Surrounded by excellent fishing waters and neighbouring countries, it’s natural that our part of the world attracts numerous fly anglers.

And in a key move, it has already announced it’s a major partnership, adding the prestigious Nautilus Reels brand as the first in its portfolio.

Hanna explained: “I am tremendously happy to partner up with Kristen Mustad and the Nautilus brand. It hit close to home as my own reel collection is primarily from Nautilus. I respect the products and I am proud to represent them again to the European dealers.”

Nautilus Reels’ Kristen Mustad shared in the enthusiasm, stating: “We are looking forward to working with Hanna again. She is a powerhouse and will be a perfect fit for Nautilus in this market.”

Hanna Bossow Vestergaard

Mads Pedersen