Falconer lands at US Fuji rod components agency

Anglers Resource, the Alabama-based distributor of Fuji rod components for over 28 years has a new owner – Bill Falconer.

Bill brings 27 years of experience in improving workflows, processes, efficiencies and customer satisfaction in the health care industry and combines that success with a passion for custom rod building. He has honed his craft for over 25 years and is a pub­lished author and teacher.

Former owner, Carl Haber, explained: “It was an opportunity for me to spend more time with family and know that the company would move forward with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way things have worked out.”

He added: “Bill brings all the skills needed to maintain Anglers Resource as the number one domestic component distributor not only as an accomplished businessman but also an avid rod builder.

“He is also a leading-edge enthusiast on bringing technique specific rod designs to the US from Japan such a slow pitch jigging.”

Bill, meanwhile, said his rod-building interest was “beyond passionate, maybe just short of fanatic.”

Pledging to beyond address supply chain issues, inventory and data/technological challenge, he continued: “I am extremely excited to be part of an industry I have loved most of my life and I look forward to meeting and talking with customers across the US.

“We will strive to make the transition as seamless as possible. Anglers Resource will maintain its facility in Foley, Alabama and day-to-day business will continue as it has successfully for the past 28 years.”

The company has ranked as the number one agent representing Fuji rod components in North America for decades and Fuji Japan has agreed to honour all exclusivity agreements, going forward, with the new owner.