Fairpoint Outdoors looks ahead with Danish investor

It’s “business as usual” amid expansions plans at tackle brands Westin and Kinetic following news that parent company Fairpoint Outdoors has new investors.

Danish private equity fund Capidea says it has a long-term plan for the development and growth of the business and the warehousing, offices and showroom are being expanded.

The founders and until now sole owners of Fairpoint Outdoors, Jens Buhl Jørgensen, Thomas Petersen Eldor and Thomas Lund Jespersen are proud and happy the fund will be joining as main shareholders.

Fairpoint Outdoors CEO Jens Buhl Jørgensen said: “With this we are building an even stronger platform to support and continue the already rapid growth of the company and of its two popular fishing tackle brands Westin and Kinetic.”

Jens will continue as CEO, Thomas Petersen Eldor will continue as brand director of Westin and Thomas Lund Jespersen will carry on Kinetic’s brand director – all three will remain significant shareholders and members of the board.

Jens added: “It’s been vital for us to retain a considerable part of the ownership as well as daily management of the company.

“Even though there were several opportunities to sell the entire company, we have chosen a co-investor who respects and understands that a lot of the company value lies in the people who founded the company, the loyal employees that work hard every day to grow it, the strong and long-term relationship with the best quality manufacturers and customers in the industry.

“To support the strong growth of both Westin and Kinetic, we are increasing the warehouse size by 45 per cent and the office and showroom by 50 per cent.

“In the coming year, we will also be investing in brand new state-of-the-art IT systems, so that we can go on delivering the finest customer-service in the industry. In the coming seasons, we will maintain a strong product development, as well as introduce new product categories in both Westin and Kinetic.”