Changes at the top for Fishing Tackle Retailer

US-based industry magazine Fishing Tackle Retailer has a new owner, with Brian Thurston and Carlton Veirs selling up to business leader and outdoor enthusiast Angie Thompson (above left), after 15 years.

The move also meant that Ken Duke (above, right), managing editor for almost nine years, has departed the business.

Angie has acquired both Fishing Tackle Retailer and the regular-e-news magazine The Fishing Wire. The purchase marks a significant move by Thompson to create new opportunities for growth and innovation in the fishing space.

With over three decades working in the fishing media industry and a wide range of roles under her belt, Thompson has a 360-degree perspective and in-depth understanding of the recreational fishing business as well as the needs of its retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and consumers.

She said: “I couldn’t be more excited to take the helm. I’m honoured to assume responsibility for a 45-year-old brand and I’m serious about the stewardship of the title. Tackle shops are the lifeblood of this huge and important fishing industry and by God’s grace, I will use creative content and storytelling to inspire and educate consumers in support of the fishing business.”

Brian added: “Co-owning Fishing Tackle Retailer and The Fishing Wirehas without a doubt been the most exciting and rewarding period of my 40-plus years in this industry. Due to the outstanding work of our staff, the properties continue to be such an integral part of the business-to-business communication that impacts retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and our industry partners who have played such an important role in our success.

“I will miss being a part of this wonderful family, but it is time to pass the reins. I can’t think of a more capable person than Angie Thompson to take these properties to new levels and serve the needs of our partners. It’s been a great ride!”

Meanwhile, departing managing editor Ken Duke commented: “It’s a job I’ve enjoyed for nearly nine years, but it’s time to move on to something else, and as much as I feel the pangs of leaving, I’m even more excited about the prospects of something new.

“The team that I worked with to put the magazine together and oversee the efforts to maintain and advance all the moving parts of FTR was and is extremely talented, enormously thoughtful and relentlessly professional.

“The new publisher, Angie Thompson, is a long-time industry professional with a diverse and impressive résumé. She will lead a terrific team that I’ve had the pleasure to work with for nearly a decade.

“I am not leaving the industry, just changing focus. I expect you’ll be hearing from me as I write, record, consult and find other ways to contribute to the sport we love.”