“Let’s get together at China Fish 2024!”

Since the beginning of 2023, when the Chinese Government cancelled its Zero Covid Policy, industries are returning to normal, including the tackle trade, as evidenced by the CGC SHOW held by China Fish in May in Weihai. China Fish 2024 will build on that.

With more than three times the number of registered international buyers as before Covid, the CGC Show – open to domestic tackle market – exceeded many expectations with many international buyers and exhibitors gathering there.

When the news about China Fish 2024 was announced in June, there were over 680 companies apply for booths – 33.6 per cent more than exhibitors before the pandemic.

The organiser had to choose whether to increase the exhibiting area to accommodate them all or control the number to provide a better and fine business environment.

Li Jiang, president of China Fish, said: “As a professional tackle trade organiser, the most important thing is to provide a fine business environment for all exhibitors and buyers, so there should be a reasonable ratio of both. If it loses its balance, for example, far more exhibitors than buyers, there would be negative competition, which might impact the interests of both parties. “However, if the economy grows better and better in the following months, and the number of registered buyers rise, we might enlarge our exhibiting area for more.”

For now, though, the organiser has capped the number of exhibitors at 550, all of which were selected from the applicants more suited to the overseas market.


Buying power

Compared with the situation pre-Covid, the number of the international buyers doubled on the announcement of China Fish 2024, although August holidays, the global economy and political issues have reduced that figure somewhat.

Li Jiang said: “2024 might be the best year to come, so we hope that all the buyers take up this opportunity to communicate with their long-term business partners about future cooperation at China Fish 2024 face-to-face, to find new products and new suppliers.”

He added: “Since it has been almost four years since last in-person China Fish, there won’t be as many activities as before; we hope that leaves more time for international buyers to communicate with their reunited partners and new suppliers.”

Of course, the Best Product Showcase is one of the most important events of China Fish each year, with hundreds of exhibitors displaying their latest equipment, with international buyers voting anonymously in around 20 categories. The winners will be announced at the banquet on the first day of the show.

China Fish will still provide services such as visa invitation letters, show hotel reservation, free shuttle buses, interpreters and more to all buyers.

With visa applications seeing a spike after three years of inactivity from Covid, the organiser suggests that the overseas buyers should apply for their Chinese visa between October and December.

Direct flights to Beijing have also not yet recovered fully, so these prices are comparatively higher, so it’s recommended to look into all options in advance.

There are free shuttle buses between Beijing Capital International Airport and most China Fish hotels and these can be booked at the same time as your accommodation. Free buses also run between the hotels and the exhibition centre.


All-In-One Platform

Meanwhile, the China Fish All-in-One Platform is open to all its registered international buyers. Each registered buyer has his/her own account on this platform, and is available to view 580 online suppliers’ stores, and 7,801 products, as well as chatting with suppliers directly. And the inquiry, offer and order services will be ready soon, which can help your business better.

With Covid alerts cancelled, few people wear masks even in crowded public areas and there are no special requirements for inbound passengers on the Chinese side, as long as they are sure that they are not infected at the time of travel.

You can register now as an international buyer or previous visitor by simply sending the attendee name(s) to China Fish by email or via its WeChat or, if first-time attendees, registering on the China Fish official website.

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