Wiley X sets the standard for bold design and innovation

The iconic designs of global eyewear brand Wiley X are being enriched with an exciting range of models set for release very soon.

Scheduled for launch at the end of May, Wiley X will be introducing more flattened styles to the market. But what does that actually mean for anglers, retailers and the brand itself?

Being an eyewear brand with a major focus on safety means that, from time to time, the design team at Wiley X headquarters need to be extremely creative.

To withstand and uphold the safety standards in its ranges of polarised eyewear, the curved well known wrap design has not only been for looks but, to a greater extent, safety!

Launching these latest products, Wiley X is testing these standards to its limits, with extremely wise and well-thought-through solutions. The new styles are more open and appear more flattened at the front.

With the revolutionary removeable side shields, it is now up to the user to decide when protection from the sides is needed.

Personal style

Being playful with the colours has been another key factor in the evolution of the products, alongside the new frames. Wiley X now appears more fashionable and open to additional markets. Not only that but these models will emphasise the diversity of genders and personal style.

Vice-president and director of sales at Wiley, X Jakob Kristensen, explained his thoughts about the innovative design: “It has been on the table for many years that we wanted to create eyewear that’s more open to different markets.

“Many designs have been tested but none of them could withstand the extreme situations and conditions they are being put through. We have, however, now cracked that code and are ready to present six different models with a total of 28 styles.

“It was of the utmost importance that our patented and very popular Captivate lens is now a standard lens in all of our polarised models. This has been a journey for Wiley X and I can proudly say, that we finally reached a milestone in our vision to create not only safety eyewear but also fashionable styles.”

It is fair to say, that creating so many new styles in a challenging period – as 2020/21 has been for many – must be a health check of this solid eyewear brand.

Not many have had the capacity to evolve but Wiley X continues to do so. With these additional styles and colours, it seems like it has found a gap in the market and Wiley X once again seems unstoppable in its ambition to always be number one in its field of expertise.