The magic of Wizard reels

Hungarian angler Peter Szebenyi has had the pleasure of testing and comparing two of Energofish’s Wizard spinning reels – the MXT and the Edge. Did they work their magic on him?

After studying the specifications for each of the Wizard reels, I started fishing with the size 4000, because this is the most useful to me and the methods I use.

I started fishing with the MXT reel, mainly because I was able to get my hands on this type for the first time.

The appearance of the reel also suggests that we have a reliable, long-lasting accessory in our hands, which promises to be an excellent choice for the complementary Wizard and other spinning rods.

I had the opportunity to try it out for several days, during which I used both fast-moving surface lures and slower-moving plastics.

Over the next few days, the Wizard Edge reel came into my hands. As a result of the Japanese design, these have proved to be extremely precise, reliable and durable reels, which stand their ground in all conditions!

All sizes of the reels have an extremely light, extra solid graphite body, and they are equipped with an extra lightweight aluminium spool.

In addition to the turned aluminium drum, the crank is also, naturally, metal and the grip while the handle provides an extremely comfortable grip, even after hundreds of casts, which is a very important factor for a spinning reel.
The 2000 size, by the way, is also a perfect choice for fishing with extremely thin braided lines and, even in the larger sizes, it provides an alternative for thicker braided lines if bigger predators are the target.

I would say the design is recommended for both beginners and experienced spinning anglers alike, if the longevity and durability, not to mention the amount of features and level of sophistication of the reels, is important.