Wiley X scoops fourth EFTTEX award in a row

Pawel Gibadlo wearing the WX Ozone. Photo by Daniel Gonet.

Eyewear manufacturer Wiley X is celebrating winning its fourth EFTTEX Best New Product Awards in a row – the first time any brand has done this.

The form won Best New Sunglass Product once again – this time in a digital online showcase event (as the in-person EFTTEX 2022 show had been cancelled) for its WX Ozone with CAPTIVATE technology.

Wiley X EMEA president Jan Mikkelsen said: “We are so honoured by this award – for the fourth time in a row, it’s terrific! It’s the first win with our CAPTIVATE technology and it’s nice to see that the independent judges are just as excited by the technology as we are.”

The WX Ozone features CAPTIVATE polarised blue mirror lenses and the company’s new Click A.I.R gasket for easy, one-click ventilation to avoid fogging – a perfect combination of durability and technology.

Jan added: “We are known for the extraordinary quality of our polarised lenses as well as an uncompromising, high level of protection and we are happy to have been given this acknowledgement for our amazing lens technology.”

Its CAPTIVATE technology, which ensures contrast and colour enhancement, was launched in 2020 and has since been a great success. Together with their polarised filter, which removes glare from reflective surfaces, the lenses are said to deliver the best possible optical conditions for anglers, who now can see the fish clearly in the water.

Jan elaborated: “We try to constantly develop our materials, technology, and designs. That is why, we are so grateful for this recognition – It really demonstrates that our hard efforts are worthwhile.”

It’s one thing to win but it’s something entirely different for a company to win four times in a row. It is a true achievement and it really underlines Wiley X’s strong reputation, as one of the leading manufacturers of polarised, protective eyewear worldwide.