Westin scales up in Germany for growth

A strong sales and marketing team has been unveiled by leading brand Westin to move it forwards in Germany.

Among those joining the company to help its growth are renowned predator expert, Dietmar Isaiasch, who becomes head of sales in Germany and Austria after a spell with Zebco Europe.

He will be joined by sales representatives Dirk Süren and Philipp Teichert, along with Germany’s biggest angling influencer “Joshinator”, best-known for his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Westin CEO Thomas Eldor Petersen said: “We are thrilled to have succeeded with signing what we consider to be one of, if not the strongest, team in Germany, which is one of the most important markets in Europe and is a region where we see great potential for growth.

“Our present team has been doing a fantastic job and showing some great sales numbers, but it is time to step it up a notch and put more boots on the ground – and we found the right boots. I have previously had Dietmar employed and know what he can achieve – it would be an understatement to say I have heigh expectations of the new sales team.

“Joshi, I have known for years and enjoyed watching him impressively grow on social media and I am sure his professional content will help Westin reach far and wide.”

Dietmar added: “After a job that can best be described as office work, the past four years, I am very happy to be able to live out my passion in marketing and sales on site again.

“I have many new product ideas and fresh articles directly from the water. I am looking forward to strengthening the Westin team once again. Together with my two new colleagues, Fairpoint Outdoors will get an even stronger presence in the German-speaking market. Supported by my professional SoMe work and modern influencer activity in all areas, I want to bring this high-end predatory fishing brand to the very top of the German predator scene.”