Sporting Broker bridges Asia and Europe

One of the industry’s best-known figures, Federico Ferrari, has set up an agency designed to bring tackle made in Asia to the European market.

Federico, who left his family tackle business back in 2022, has launched a showroom in Bologna, Italy, where he is inviting customers to see OEM products from both Asian and Italian manufacturers.

He is even offering to pay for their air fare and accommodation when they book an appointment with his Sporting Broker agency. Federico, who has more than 30 years’ experience of both the European and Asian tackle markets, said his new venture was designed to make communication between the two areas easier, especially in the current climate.

It is already becoming a reliable partner for importers of reels, rods, chemical lights, bags, luggage, aluminium items and landing nets.

He told TTW: “The big problems of the last two to three years have not ended yet and we now also have the turbulence in Eastern Europe coupled with the extremely high increase in price of raw materials, energy and fuel, which create the conditions where only the bigger importers and those who can ship full containers have advantage in dealing with the Far East.

“The job of Sporting Broker is to get fast sample deliveries, fast production and quality control. We also help customers using our graphics staff to create good quality but well-priced packaging and OEM products, so we become a partner for many importers.

“We want to grow and to become more important for the manufacturer so that we always offer the best service and quotations for our OEM customers.”

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