Riding high with a watercraft revolution

While boats and watercraft make perfect sense for many when fishing, getting to the water with ease is an unfamiliar concept to many. Thankfully, Savage Gear has provided a great solution with its High Rider boats and kayak.

One of the barriers to anglers using watercraft is that you often need a trailer, boat ramp, expensive engine or electronics but the innovative Savage Gear brand has made life simpler, offering something you can stuff in the smallest car, ensuring a sense of freedom and movability like no other.

In the past couple of years, Savage Gear has looked at the belly boat market and seen some major opportunities. The European market was flooded with belly boats but most of them had one common problem – they did not lift the angler high enough to get a good vantage point.

The whole idea of the High Rider series is to elevate the angler as much as possible. This will ensure better casting and fishing options, whether you are casting, jigging, or doing vertical fishing.

The dealbreaker was the stiffness obtained by the drop stitch seat. Drop stitch is used heavily by sub boards manufacturers and is a method to gain stability in watercraft.

Strength in depth

Another key point was the durability of the watercraft. A lot of belly boats are still made from woven fabric, which has the advantages of being light and very packable but also extremely fragile.

The armoured PVC used in the construction of Savage Gear’s craft make it possible to produce a very, very durable outer material without increasing he weight too much – in fact, it has resulted in a perfect combination of durability versus weight.

The discovery of this led to Savage Gear launching a whole series of watercraft series, which currently consists of two different High Rider belly boats and one High Rider kayak.


Key features

  • Built from 0.9mm armoured PVC sheet
  • Armoured PVC drop stitch floor and seat
  • Heat sealed and reinforced seams
  • Protech air valves
  • Repair pro kit