Predatortour safeguards fish stocks with key rules

The team behind the popular Predatortour fishing event has revealed details of its plans for 2023 with a series of rules designed to keep the welfare of the fish at the top of the agenda.

For its Swedish edition, anglers will follow the guidelines for pike fishing on lake Vänern, including catch and release, barbless hooks, rubberised nets, unhooking mats and lead-free lures.

Organiser Evert Oostdam said: “The Predator Tour always feel responsible for nature and the environment. That’s why we have been lead-free for fishing lures for many years. Feeling responsible for our hobby is our main goal, which is why we also promote catch and release fishing. This way our children also enjoy sport fishing.”

Other key rules fort the Swedish event include clear maps and information for all anglers, reporting of all catches to the County Administrative Board after the competition to improve knowledge of fish stocks and boost their management while also controlling the number of other competitions close to the event and limiting ‘test fishing’ days to conserve stocks and reduce pressure on the fish.