Pelican goes platinum to fund case growth

Pelican Products, the firm behind Peli protective cases, is be bought by Platinum Equity for an undisclosed fee, with the deal set to be concluded by the end of this year.

Pelican operates in two primary segments. Pelican Products designs and makes high-performance rigid protective cases, advanced portable lighting systems and outdoor consumer products while Peli BioThermal provides a comprehensive portfolio of passive temperature-controlled parcel solutions for clinical trials and commercial biopharma markets.

Headquartered in Torrance, California, USA, Pelican maintains 12 manufacturing sites, 17 service centres and network stations and 23 international sales offices across 25 countries. 

Platinum Equity partner Jacob Kotzube said: “For more than 45 years Pelican has built a powerful brand with a well-earned reputation among its demanding and loyal customers for making some of the most indestructible products in the world. We are committed to building on the company’s rich heritage and investing in continued innovation.”

Pelican CEO Phil Gyori will continue to lead the company following the transaction.
He added: “As we move forward with the backing of Platinum Equity, I’m confident Pelican’s growth trajectory will remain strong, and our products and services will expand to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

“I look forward to rolling up our sleeves, working alongside Platinum’s experienced team and creating an exciting new chapter in the Pelican story.”