The path of technology – iBite MS Light

With the growth of feeder fishing across Europe, demand has increased for the latest technological innovations to allow anglers to achieve success. Energofish’s iBite MS light is leading the way.

Lately, technological development has become one of the key driving forces within the tackle industry and the trade is witnessing the  introduction of more and more ‘smart’ devices from market leading companies, all with the aim of making the angler’s life easier.

A great example for this phenomenon is the dynamically developing brand of Energofish, iBite, offering a wide range of modern solutions for night fishing.

One of these innovative products is the iBite MS Light, the flagship of the iBite brand’s collection.

This device can be simply explained as the updated version of the popular iBite UB Tip Light with a built-in motion sensor.

Thanks to this sensor, the waterproof bite alarm indicates every single bite with a flashing red light while in the position of rest the bright colour of the LED is green.

The microchip, the brain of iBite MS Light, can differentiate between movements caused by the wind or a real bite through constantly monitoring the frequency of the tip’s vibration.

Energofish says that, without doubt, this is the most important and useful specific of this smart bite alarm for anglers.

The device works with a long lasting CR435 battery that is able to show the position of the feeder for over 40 hours.

The iBite MS Light can be fitted to any feeder tip thanks to its clip-on attachment and boasts EVA padded inner sides for protection of the tip.

That is why this item is also ideal for river anglers using strong, extra-heavy feeders and for commercial anglers, preferring medium or light feeder rods.