Mustad partners with Flyfish Europe for greater reach

Legendary fly hooks manufacturer Mustad has partnered with the fly specialists at Flyfish Europe to offer tackle across the European market. From September 1st, Flyfish Europe – which distributes respectable brands in the segment all over Europe – has added Mustad as its first hook manufacturer.

With this major joint venture, fly tyers will find legendary Mustad hooks in local shops everywhere.

Since Mustad began hook production in 1877, fly hooks have been a large part of the Mustad hook selection and the brand has stood as a key player in the production of premium hooks.

Mustad’s iconic styles recently received a refresh with the Heritage Fly Hook series released with new technologies and sustainable packaging.

“Mustad’s fly hook reach will be expanded 20-fold with this new agreement,” said Eddie Payton, marketing manager for Mustad EMEA

“The angling passion, fishing knowledge, and industry relationships that the Flyfish Europe team have established are irresistible to the Mustad brand. We look forward to exceptional growth in serving retailers across the region.”

Founded in 2002, Flyfish Europe has exclusively supplied the market with 15 high-end fly fishing brands including Simms, Bajio, Scott Fly Rods and many others. With the recent announcement of cooperation with premium tying feathers expert Whiting Farms, Flyfish Europe adds another piece of the puzzle to reach enthusiasts of both crafts – fly fishing and fly tying.

We are thrilled to introduce Mustad fly hooks to our repertoire. The brand strength and high-quality products are iconic among fly fishermen and -women, giving us a running start,” added Flyfish Europe managing director Jarle L Krtistansen.

“Our connections and dedicated experience to fly fishing will give Mustad hooks the edge when introducing to shops and end-consumers.”