Mud Hole is accessible to all in the trade

In early 2021, Mud Hole Custom Tackle re-energised an already robust wholesale business with the launch of its Wholesale & B2B Program.

The introduction of tiered pricing serves businesses at all levels. From single-owner to OEM distributors, every Mud Hole B2B customer – regardless of tier – has access to the industry’s largest available inventory and best-in-class customer service.

The company provides blanks, components, supplies and tools to more than 2,500 wholesale and B2B partners throughout the US and across the globe. 
As part of its continued focus on business customers, Mud Hole has committed to in-person meetings and visits throughout the country.

With a wealth of online resources, businesses and their customers can feel disconnected. Mud Hole is committed to bring back the good, old fashioned customer visits and be there to learn more about its customers’ needs while solidifying new and old relationships.

Just this October, Mud Hole visited sunny San Diego, California, to connect with some long-time customers and shake hands with new ones.

Hundreds of miles were covered to see shops throughout southern California including Fisherman’s Landing, C&M Custom Tackle, Island Fishing Tackle, The Longfin, Squidco and Pacific Coast Bait & Tackle.
Stuart Crawford, director of B2B sales, said: “We are beyond grateful for the hospitality and camaraderie shared with all of the customers we met in California. Learning what we can do to better serve a particular market or customer is invaluable for the long-term.”
Mud Hole’s Wholesale & B2B Program is available to all well-qualified rod building businesses and also provides private label and OEM blank, component, and rod production with resources and partnerships worldwide.

To become a part of the most complete wholesale program in rod building, visit