LIVETARGET lures have technology at their core

Soft plastic lures are the “go-to” of many anglers but the way they are produced changed forever when lure manufacturer LIVETARGET introduced its Injected Core Technology (ICT).

Available in profiles ranging from simple to gaudy and colours that span the spectrum from muted to other-worldly, soft plastic baits are well-established staples in the arsenals of anglers in freshwater, as well as those chasing a wide range of finned predators in the seas.

Still, most soft lures that we thread on hooks and dress on jigs have changed little since the advent of grubs and worms in the 1950s.

Warm polymer stews, steeped with coloured dyes and glitter, are injected or poured into metal moulds; when the whole operation cools, soft lures emerge. 

While the sizes and shapes of soft plastic lures are limited only by the bounds of anglers’ imaginations, they all suffer from precisely the same shortcomings: most soft baits don’t look anything like the natural forage that predator fish eat, and few behave like natural vulnerable prey.

Changing the dynamic

In 2018, that all changed, thanks to Injected Core Technology (ICT) from LIVETARGET, the leader in forage replication, creating baits that truly match the hatch.

“ICT allows the anglers’ target fish species to be presented with an ultra-realistic bait that matches the hatch of endless forages from around the world,” explained Isaac Payne, director of innovation and product development for LIVETARGET.

“The technology uses a combination of surfaces and layers alike, which gives the bait a unique profound three-dimensional effect by allowing light to be refracted throughout the lure; enticing trophy-sized fish to take the bait.”

Injected Core Technology has taken soft plastic baits beyond the 21st century, uniting artistry with engineering to deliver unprecedented levels of soft plastic form and function.

Lures manufactured with Injected Core Technology are effectively a bait-within-a-bait, featuring a vibrant, biomimetic, forage-profile interior that is fully encapsulated and intimately linked to a clear, soft polymer exo-skin.

Isaac continued: “These engineered, multiple surfaces and layers have created unlimited possibilities for optimal life-like action and natural movement when fished throughout the water; which is bolstered by injected calibrated texture for unmatched performance.”

Matching anatomical features are aligned on both the interior core and its protective shell, producing unique three-dimensional, flash-generating textures that are both robust and ultra-realistic.

“The use of different finishes within the bait, opaque to transparent layered colour through hand painting, digital printing, and injected techniques has continued the evolution of cutting-edge design and craftsmanship,” Isaac revealed.

Moving forward

Being a fundamental technology of the iconic North American brand, Injected Core Technology continues to be a priority for LIVETARGET lure development as the industry of lure design grows.

Isaac concluded: “While ICT has continued to match the hatch over the years, the concept has also evolved by using the latest technological advancements and innovating on what is possible by matching the ambition of anglers and fish alike.

“Our passion is to continually develop and deliver unmatched products, while maintaining a keen focus and eye on the future of the sport of fishing.”


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