Limited edition Tobizo Racing rods lead the way

The flagship Tobizo rod range has been one of Zenaq‘s bestsellers and now its special limited edition Racing collection looks set to accelerate its reputation to the next level.

Limited to just 100 rods and designed for targeting big species such as tuna and giant trevally, among others, the Racing concept features the latest cutting-edge technology to bring the rods to the forefront of the market.

Breaking down stereotypes and constantly challenging the current standards, the Racing series has been developed to create attractive rods that are not bound by everyday constraints.


Key features

Some important features make the Tobizo Racing rods stand out, not least of which is the newly developed and patent-pending Hexagon carbon reel seat.

Its solid frame – achieved by a combination of high-strength and long-fibre carbon with a special moulding machine – holds even large reels firmly in place without shaking.

The surface of the framework is covered with rubber of optimum hardness to ensure the highest level of comfort in the hand while the rod action is easy to control without unnecessary force.

The seat is shaped like a hexagonal reel, just like Zenaqs Hexagon grip, which is effective during fighting and reeling, suppressing what the firm describes as the ”left-right blurring of the reel” and transmits power without loss.

It also contributes to the preservation of grip strength, which is the first thing to be lost, thereby increasing the chances of landing a fish.

In addition, a “rubber cushion” has been developed for the area where the reel foot rests. This prevents the reel from working loose even if the cushion is not tightly tightened. Even when fishing hard, the cushion prevents the reel from rattling, giving the rod and reel a perfect sense of ‘oneness’.

Meanwhile, the guide installation uses a single wrapping for a feeling that is closer to the original blank design. It’s best described as a sharp rod action with a sharp feel.

Options abound

There are four models in the Tobizo Racing limited edition range, as follows: 

Tobizo TC84-100G Racing
Length: 8ft 4in / Lure: 60-150g / PE Line: MAX 8

Tobizo TC86-110G Racing

Length: 8ft 6in / Lure: 70-160g / PE Line: MAX 8

Tobizo TC83-150G Racing

Length: 8ft 3in / Lure: 90-180g / PE Line: MAX 8

Tobizo TC80-200G Racing

Length: 8ft / Lure: 120-230g / PE Line: MAX 10

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