Industry leaders add weight to conservation group

The Conservation Alliance (TCA) - a coalition of like-minded businesses working to protect North America’s wild places and outdoor spaces - is expanding its membership into the fishing industry.

From line and reel manufacturers to apparel companies, seven fishing brands have joined TCA including Abel, Airflo, Emerger Strategies, Dyna King, Rare Waters, Ross Reels, and Simms.

These companies join an existing membership of nearly 300 businesses –  from a range of industries from outdoors to brewers, bankers, sportsmen and renewable energy - supporting the organisation’s well-established grant-making efforts and corporate advocacy to protect land and water in North America.

“This represents an exciting moment for the growth and expansion of our membership at The Conservation Alliance,” said Conor McElyea, senior director of membership at The Conservation Alliance.

“Fishing ranks second when it comes to annual outdoor participation and having this group of reputable fly fishing brands join our membership is a key moment to improve representation from a segment that has long been absent from our membership.”

In its 35-year history, TCA’s model has proven to be an effective approach to conserve land and water. The organisation has helped safeguard over 4,500 river miles, remove 38 dams and protect over 80 million acres of public and private lands.

Dexter LevandoskiI, North American fly fishing sales manager at Patagonia, added: “As a founding member of TCA, Patagonia is stoked to see more companies from the fly fishing industry sign on as members of The Conservation Alliance.

“Our industry has been deeply rooted in conservation, but the effort has historically been brand by brand endeavour. In solidifying these partnerships through membership with TCA, our industry has power in numbers and can make real change.”

The angling community has always been invested in conservation. Healthy waterways are not only critical to business but are crucial to their way of life.

In joining forces with TCA, these companies will have an outsized impact in conserving the special outdoor spaces that millions of anglers across North America depend on for their sport.

Ben Christensen, head of Simms, explained: “The angling community is large and diverse. Despite differences in tackle preference, target species, and geography, we share a common desire to protect the resources that enable our pursuit. We are excited to join this broad and committed coalition of industry partners and look forward to the impacts we can have together.”

While TCA and its new members have shared conservation values for decades, this new partnership will open a realm of opportunity. As TCA continues to expand its program work, collaborating with the fly fishing community will support additional efforts to protect North America’s waterways.

Lucas Bissett, executive director of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association, added: “In the same way AFFTA looks to bridge between economy and ecology in the fly fishing industry, we are excited to see The Conservation Alliance acting as a bridge between the greater outdoor industry and fly fishing. We speak the same language when we are outside in our natural places. It is time we speak up together for those places.”