Handy acquisition for industry newcomer

PacBak, the manufacturer of award-winning coolers, rechargeable vacuum sealers and related outdoor equipment, has strategically extended its reach with the acquisition of HandyBonk fishing gear.

The one-of-a-kind HandyBonk fish Bonker stows inside the end of a round or octagonal one and an eighth inch or one and a quarter inch aluminium net handle, allowing the angler to net the catch, quickly remove the device from the handle by depressing the release button and safely subdue the fish in one smooth and easy motion.

It is said it will appeal to many anglers, especially those who know much fight is left in a big fish once landed. And, although it is hefty, if the Bonker drops in the water, it floats.

The Bonker is offered alone for use with an existing net and by drilling a three eighths inch hole. It’s also available as a HandyBonk combo with a 3ft, 4ft or 7.3ft poly- or rubber-mesh net. Made in the USA, all components are warrantied for life.

PacBak founder and chief innovation officer Brian McKinnon said: “Like PacBak, HandyBonk is an Alaskan company that was born out of solving a problem.

“The HandyBonk (which will be marketed as HandyBonk by PacBak) is one of those ‘Aha!’ products that make you wonder how no one thought of it before.”