Finesse approach to casting spoon

Developed as a trout bait, the sleek Qunai Spoon from tackle giant Daiwa is said to boast superior performance for Bait Finesse (BF) techniques.

This makes it ideal for targeting largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass, not to mention outsized crappies and perch, which all easily fall victim to its seductive swim.

Engineered in Japan, the spoon’s special wobble results from a deep-cupped design that creates the right amount resistance as it cuts through the water while maintaining depth. Held on a steady retrieve, the Qunai Spoon resembles a baitfish finning carelessly through the water. 

The Qunai Spoon sports a premium #4 single barbed hook and split-ring on the nose for easy tying and advanced action. The sharp single hook is easier on fish mouths and unhooks with little effort, yet boasts a high catch rate. 

The spoon is also a long caster, despite its modest size. Balanced dimensions and a moderate thickness promote casting distance and accuracy.

Whether fishing stocked urban waters, running rivers and streams, or natural lakes, this is a simple-to-fish and dynamic casting spoon.

It is available in four alluring patterns – Ikura, Gold Red, Orange Mango and Sakura Yamame – and three sizes: 1.66in, 2in and 2.5in.