Fairpoint releases Partnershop apps for dealers

Danish company Fairpoint Outdoors has launched specialist apps for its Westin and Kinetic brands, designed to make it quick and easy for retailers to place orders.

The company’s Partnershop website has been a huge success, allowing dealers to check stock availability, place orders, check back orders and organise their account, but the apps have been built as a super-fast order filler for busy retailers.

While the app allows the user to scroll through and select product lines, check their availability and place orders at the click of a button, the coolest feature is the ability to simply scan a product’s barcode to reorder.

Fairpoint Outdoors CEO Thomas Peterson Eldor told TTW: “The apps are super easy to use and we have one each for the Westin and Kinetic brands. Retailers can look at their shelves, see what is nearly sold out, scan the product’s barcode and we will deliver. You can even select other variants of the same product line if you want.”

The barcode scanner offers two options – a lightning mode, which places the scanned product directly into the dealer’s cart, and a standard mode, which shows the product’s details and allows additional variants to be purchased.

The order can be reviewed before being confirmed and the app also details the order price.

To find out more about the Partnershop concept and the apps, visit https://out.fairpoint.dk