Chota’s Cloak has wading covered

Chota Outdoor Gear continues to provide a new generation of products to the industry with the launch of The Cloak, a shoe cover designed to transform any shoe, sandal, or boot into a felt-soled wading shoe.

This fresh, innovative product features high-quality marine-grade hook and loop materials providing superior attachment of the felt-sole, Kevlar reinforced toe, heels, and side panels and heavy-duty anti-slip YKK plastic zippers. 

Lightweight and compact, The Cloak enables a seamless transition between activities such as hiking, paddling, drift boating, hunting, and fishing. It is also suitable for adults and children, alike, as it provides a convenient, cost-effective option for children whose feet are still growing. 

To ensure the quality and durability of this innovative product, Chota enlisted a group of product testers across the USA, with one, H W  Leslie, an avid hiker and fly fisher, clocking up over 100 hours in remote locations. 

He said: “The Chota Cloaks have been a game changer for backwoods fly fishing. When I needed to turn my standard hiking boot into a functional wading boot, the Chota Cloaks superseded my expectations. If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable alternative – I’d go with the Cloak.”