Cast further in quest for tuna

With yellowfin tuna fishing growing in popularity, Japanese manufacturer Zenaq has used its extensive experience to produce a specialist offshore casting rod range, the Tobizo.

Around the world, it seems that topwater yellowfin tuna fishing is becoming more and more popular and this interest extends to Japan.

So, perhaps not surprisingly, Japanese brand Zenaq has used this as inspiration for its latest rod series, called the Tobizo.

While tuna fishing is one of best styles of fishing in Japan, you really need kit that is up to the task – after all, many of these fish weigh 50kg or more and are now being caught in waters where they were rarely seen before.

The Tobizo TC84-100G is perfect for this requirement. The rod blank boasts a forgiving action with strong elasticity, allowing it to cast surprisingly long distances while ably handling large lures up to 150g with real control over lures of 100g in particular.

The rod bends well during fishing and controls the fish with its superb action.

With this style of fishing, you need high standard across the whole spectrum, from casting to landing, making the tuna game more enjoyable.

Going the distance

Zenaq started making boat casting rods over 20 years ago. With the release of the FOKEETO casting series in 2002, it created the new gold standard for offshore casting rods.

In 2017, Zenaq released the Tobizo series, which eclipsed the FOKEETO and redefined what it means to be the best boat casting rod.

The company’s 60 years of rod manufacturing has given it a wealth of experience which it has used to develop these rods.

By integrating the latest carbon material, Toray (T1100G), with proprietary processes distilled from our decades of experience in blank manufacturing, Zenaq is confident in saying that no other rod outperforms the Tobizo.

If you want to see Japanese tuna fishing at its best, Zenaq has also just released a movie showing topwater yellowfin being caught in Japan’s Enshu sea. Naurally, it includes the Tobizo TC84-100G, giving you a real insight into how it performs.

You can watch the video here: