Big changes for Danish Fly Company

Denmark-based distributor The Fly Company is embarking on a new journey, with a relocation, a strategic overhaul and the addition of two more brands to its portfolio.

Over the past two years, the company has engaged in a meticulous examination of its operations, leading to transformative changes.

As it moves forward, it has become the exclusive European distributor for Ewing feathers, renowned for its unique products that it says elevate the art of fly tying.

In addition, The Fly Company has also expanded its distribution network to include TFO fly rods in select European countries.

TFO, a strong and well-renowned brand, brings a legacy of quality and innovation to the fly fishing community.

The decision to relocate to a better-suited location in Randers is strategic and reflects The Fly Company’s commitment to maximising and optimising its structure and capabilities. This move is aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, fostering innovation and ensuring a seamless experience for fly fishing enthusiasts.

The full Flyco team, comprised of seasoned professionals, brings a wealth of experience as they work to invigorate the organisation’s vision and strategy, ensuring a commitment to excellence and the continuation of fly fishing traditions.

Head of sales, Christoffer Thorsager, explained: “We believe that our new location in Randers will serve as a hub for innovation and will allow us to maximize and optimise our capabilities.

“With the full Flyco team and strong financial backing, coupled with our new location, we are excited about the future and the opportunities it presents.”