“Excalibur” – the name from the legends

Everyone knows the famous legend about the sword that is called Excalibur. The choice of this name is not accidental. This Energofish brand can be best described as offering proven excellent quality.

The Excalibur product range can be grouped into two segments. Firstly, there is a small collection of fishing lines while the second, wider range, offers fishing hooks. Both groups cater to all the needs of ‘everyday’ anglers.

A perfect choice for everyone

Let’s begin with the lines. Whether you want to fish in the sea or in fresh water, no matter if you are catching common or grass carp, with a feeder or boilies or any species of predators you can easily find the best type of line for you.

You can choose from different sizes from 0.16 to 0.5mm diameter with very reliable tensile strengths.

One of the main features of Excalibur line is that nothing else beats them for strength. For example, being extremely abrasion resistant is one of the main properties of fluoro-coated lines but the impressive Catfish line is one of the strongest line ever made. This catfish braid is made from eight different lines and coated by Teflon, a technology from the Du Pont company. If you want to catch a beast-size catfish, this will be the perfect choice for you!

The carp-specific lines have a wide range of colours from natural brown and camou to neon, that is sure to be a favourite of night-time anglers.

You can find different sizes of packaging too. There are a range of spool sizes from 150m to an incredible 3,000m and these lines are extremely cost-effective.

Hooked up

Now, let’s have a look at the second group and check the high-quality hooks from this product range.
The situation is the same as with the lines, because you can choose the best type for your fishing style, from so many different styles of hook.

For example, you can find specific types for barbel, carp, zander, bream, grass carp along with patterns for river fishing, for maggot, pellet and corn baits. All have been designed to result in the best hook up in a chosen situation.

One of the most famous designs is the round feeder, which is also one of the newest. This design is usually used by the Energofish feeder team in high-level feeder competitions with excellent results.
Carp anglers can use the Carp Pop-up, Carp Curved Shank and Carp Boilies BN 4 types with great results.

One key element of these hooks’ design is that the stem of each can be different based on the line type used. If you would like to use braid hook line you would choose the straight style, but if you use monofilament then you have to select the bent style for the better hooking.

If you don’t have enough time to prepare your tackle before fishing but you don’t want to spend time with this task on the shore of the lake you can choose from the readymade gear from the Excalibur products.

All of these hooks made using strong, stainless steel with chemical sharpening to ensure the best quality for modern anglers.


Written by Alexandra Kubuk-Kiss and Daniel Kubuk

Photos by Zoltan Molnar