EFTTEX 2021 cancelled due to Covid-19

The European Fishing Tackle Trade Association board has unanimously deemed it necessary to cancel EFTTEX 2021 because of current circumstances surrounding the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

CEO Olivier Portrat explained: “We were hopeful when vaccines got approval at the end of last year that EFTTEX would go ahead in June 2021. While the rollout of vaccinations is well underway, it is slower than expected in some countries. In addition, recent weeks have made it more and more obvious that travel restrictions will undoubtedly still be in place come June.

“It also looks certain that most of our non-EU participants (exhibitors and visitors) will not be able to travel to Prague, not just because of travel restrictions but also because some companies have suspended staff travelling overseas during the pandemic.
The EFTTA Board had a very difficult choice to make, to either run a much smaller show or to postpone again and refund as much as possible to exhibitors.  The board has chosen the second option.

“Many of you know EFTTA is not just a show organiser.  In fact our main purpose is to defend and protect the fishing tackle industry at EU Parliament level in Brussels. For almost 40 years the show profits has enabled EFTTA finance this important lobby work.

“We all know this work is more important than ever before as our industry is more under threat today than it ever has been. The EU is now rightly waging a war against plastic waste and other issues like lead and baits. Programs such as Natura 2000 or Horizon 2030 will seriously affect the future of the recreational fishing tackle industry.

“With this in mind it is essential everyone in the industry lets EFTTA continue its lobbying work in Brussels and defend recreational anglers’ interests.”

EFTTA held an extraordinary board meeting and decided the only option is to refund 75 per cent to exhibitors that have already paid in full for their 2020 stand.

Olivier added: “At this time we regret that immediate refunding 100 per cent is simply not possible as EFTTA has already incurred substantial costs in preparing for a show in Prague. The remaining 25 per cent will be offered as discounts off stands booked at future shows.”

Having already postponed EFTTEX 2020 to 2021 and sadly being forced to postpone again will result in EFTTA facing financial difficulties.

However, out of the serious situation that Covid has caused globally there is still a great commitment from the EFTTA board (who all volunteer their time for free) to keep working for the benefit for every company in the industry.

Olivier concluded: “I hope you all recognise that this ongoing work is essential for our future and not just in European countries but also for manufacturing companies around the world that supply goods to the European market. We therefore need your support more than ever before! We need you on our side in order to defend all our common interests in Brussels.”