Developing the most organised tackle box

Organising fishing tackle is a joy for most but, very often, you are limited to plastic boxes or wallets to keep all your gear safe and sound yet readily to hand. Savage Gear has now introduced a series of EVA luggage, which it says will completely transform the way fishing tackle is organised, especially when it comes to big baits.

So how do you help the angler organise all their kit to ensure they have just what they need, when they need it?

Well Savage Gear has developed a clever concept that basically takes the simple idea of a bag that fits into a bag, which fits into a bag and turns it into a ‘must-have’ tackle organisation system.

The concept gives anglers the opportunity to mix different bags to fit the needs of whatever type of fishing they are doing.

Most importantly, however, was the understanding that anglers do not want to drag five different bags with them on a fishing trip. Instead, they would rather have one bag, where you can pull everything out you need in separate, well-organised compartments.

A solution for big baits
Organising big baits has always been difficult, even for the most experienced fisherman. Plastic lure cases are never big enough and, even if the lures fit into the box, it’s not often you can manage to squeeze in more than one or, at best, just a few into the box.

Yet these EVA lure bags are perfect for big baits. The EVA is flexible, so you can stuff more gear into the lure box without damaging the lure. The hooks are no problem at all, either, since the zipper has been manufactured in such a way that they won’t catch on the nylon

Savage Gear calls this the WPMP series, which stands for Waterproof Multi-Purpose.

The strong and waterproof EVA material makes sure that all that organised tackle will stay dry after ended fishing trip – a major bonus when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

The full range has been developed to include rod bags, carryalls, a cooler bag, a boat and bank bag and organising lure bags.