All-in-one set for rapid fishing

Nowadays, fewer anglers can spend several days or even a whole day on the bank, which is why rapid fishing is becoming more and more popular. Bait expert Energofish has the options covered for this approach.

With the growth of ‘rapid’ fishing, Energofish has produced a special set which basically includes every bait needed for a successful trip, all in one bucket.

The central element of the set is the Method Egg bait but next you will also find some readymade rigs, groundbaits, micro-pellets, liquid flavours and some especially useful accessories.

The Rapid Method Egg Set

The first and the most important part of the set is the five-litre bucket, which also holds all the baits and accessories inside. A practical bucket, equipped with a well-insulated lid is always useful, because you can use it for groundbait mixing, holding baits and transport accessories to your fishing spot.

Opening the bucket you will find two packs that are the base of the mix that will fill the Method feeder. The first is a 400g Green Betaine-flavoured Benzar Commercial groundbait, that is packed full of goodness, especially when mixed with 400g of colourful micro-pellets

This mix is perfect for both the ribbed and Method feeders and the carp go crazy for it. If you want to increase its effectiveness further, try adding some of the squid flavour that is also included in the set.

This liquid flavour dissolves readily in water and can be assimilated into both the groundbaits and micro-pellets easily and quickly. Thanks to this, it’s a good choice when wetting the mix when it’s dried in the sun.

The mix that for the feeders is ready but in the bucket are more surprises! Included are two ready prepared rigs that contain a silicon ring. The smaller ring will hold a 6-8mm bait while the larger one works with the 10-12mm size Method Eggs. These are professional, fully prepared rigs that you immediately can use for fishing for carp and grass carp.

The silicon rings under the hooks can be easily used with the supplied pilers, significantly speeding up the time it takes to change baits.

The included Method Egg selection ensures an amazing bait in different size and looks, for example single or two-colour options. Every type of this bait is included into the selection. Based on your experience, it’s easy to find the best variation and it means you will know what type of bait you need to buy in the future.

Last but not least, the bait rings can be combined with all of your favourite hooks and makes for easier bait changes with both dumbbells and Method Eggs.

The last question is who we would we recommend for this fantastic set! In fact, we think it’s appropriate for every angler, who wants to try the high-quality Benzar groundbaits and baits and would like to experiment with the Method Eggs. You can do all of this with this great value set, that contains almost everything necessary for a rapid fishing session or two!